Hello Community,

I grew up pheasant hunting with flushers, and just recently had to put down my first dog, Shadow. Shadow was a black lab, and lost a bout of cancer at the age of nine.

This fall I was impressed with a 50/50 lab GSP mix that I hunted with, and decided to purchase one for myself. I found one locally, and the price of $250 (shots included) was perfect. Bree was born on Halloween on 2017, and is showing potential in the field.

I have been reading about training "bird dogs," and I want to bring out the pointer in her. I have purchased a remote bird launcher, and am planning on acquiring some homing pigeons. The questions I have for you all are: What concerns should I have about keeping the pigeons on the same properly that my dog resides? How do I avoid the dilemma of--On one hand "point bird sent"--On the other hand "don't point the coop?"

Thank you for your help, and I look forward to reading your replies.