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    This winter has been pretty normal here in NE Montana, some snow, nothing out of the ordinary, same for cold temps. Hopefully second half of winter will be bearable for wildlife, looks like Feb is going to start chilly, with temps in the single digits for highs, and lows below 0 at night. We had a couple mild days that actually melted some snow off with stubble making a reappearance.

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    Well, second half of winter has been tough, real tough. Over 18 inches of snow this weekend, winds, this is not what I was hoping. Moisture for the country is much needed, but storms like the one this weekend will have an effect on all animal populations in the highline area of Montana. I have not been in SE part of the state in several weeks, but have hear bad reports out of there also.

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    How is it now?

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    Winter is hanging on

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    Is spring looking okay?

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    After nearly two years of parched conditions NE Montana has received some moisture, putting a small dent in the drought...that said, bird numbers from what I have seen will take some time to come back, if they ever do, less crp, changing farm practices, more pressure from out of state hunters, not a good formula for birds to bounce back, throw in the fact that there are starting to be indications in other states that west nile virus effects birds, some of you may not know this, never visiting NE Montana except to shoot birds, but we have a few skeeters in this country.

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    There was a bad hail storm few day's back, broke vehicle, home glass in Antelope and surrounding areas, I know 1 farm that lost 2000 acres, not exactly sure how wide spread it was, but being this early, hopefully hen's re-nest . Trouble is, hail season has just started in this part of Montana.


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