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Thread: Braque Francais - The French Pointer

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    I would agree with those that have already replied. I liked the smaller size of dog, their hunting style, and the fact they have been strictly bred for their hunting instead of show dogs. The part that really drew me to them was their temperament. Being that they are family dogs 90% of the time I wanted a dog that would fit my family structure well. With small children I felt this was a good fit. While there are dogs that will run harder and farther I don't need that. I am looking for a family dog first and a hunting companion second. So far I have been very pleased with both. Each person knows what they want in a dog thus so many breeds.

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    I'll agree. The BF is as advertised.

    And of the three bird dogs I have had he is easily the best swimmer and takes to the water like a lab. Never a false step or any hesitance. When we are out running when it's warmer it is not uncommon for him to literally dive head first into the pond where we work and completely submerge for a couple of seconds. My other bird dogs would ease in like a 60 year old man in 60 degree water.

    And there are two versions of BF type Pyrenees (shorter mountain dog) and the type Gascogne a larger dog with a more hound shaped head. Don't know of anyone breeding those in the US but never really looked.


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