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Thread: Wanting new double barrel...Question about quality and prices

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    Jdog- hope your sharpie shoots as good as it looks! LC- Gorgeous gun! Thank you everyone else for inputs, after weighing options and doing some research, I decided to purchase a Browning Citori White Lightning 16 gauge (I know wasn't even in original ballpark price). After reading reviews and looking at other forums thought it would be best to get something made by a brand I know is quality and that I have experience with. Also helps I got a sweet deal on a NIB gun. Supposed to come in for me to pick up today or tomorrow, cant wait!
    - Dalton

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    I have a little Huglu (which is who makes the guns for CZ USA) 20ga with 26 inch tubes I quail hunt with and it's a great little gun! Don't think you can go wrong with the CZ.


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