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Thread: Hello from Long island, NY

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    Default Hello from Long island, NY

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the site. I'm a long time big game (deer/ black bear) hunter and have always loved hunting. So when a friend offered to go pheasant hunting with him. I jumped at the chance, and boy do I love it. We've been pretty successful this season. I picked up some gear along the way. But I'm still looking to learn more about the sport. Thanks for having me.
    Happy New Year everyone.

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    Cool - Im from upstate. Its different up here... You guys get stocked 3 times a week and the lower Hudson Valley gets stocked 2 times a week. We get stocked only once a week and most years 4 times per season, but some years it has only been 3 times. I dropped deer and bear and all that a LONG time ago. I started with pheasant in 1974 and it has been in first place ever since, although I also am a very avid grouse, woodcock and waterfowl hunter and take rails and snipe as well. Get yourself a dog too, but dont become a dog nut... Thats some advice from an old hunter...


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