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Thread: Best Location for an Upland Paradise

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    I like the South Dakota idea near the River. You can go fishing as well. Short hop over to

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    I Love South Dakota! We have 40 acres next to 160 acres of CRP and a mile from 640 acres of good public hunting land. So it can be done. We are in North East SD which means good fishing, deer hunting, waterfowl migration and decent pheasant hunting. I would think the Chamberlain area would be even better. Have fun dreaming of your future hunting spot. SDviking

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    I read your "dream" and it was as if I wrote it.
    I looked and looked for an affordable hunting paradise.My first choice would have been somewhere I could hunt wild pheasant,maybe quail, and also raise my own year round to supplement my property.All in a very affordable package.That in a nutshell is/was my dream for retirement.The more I looked the more concessions I had to make with myself.Where I wanted to go,land prices were to high,where I could afford ,I didn't want to go.After I long time ,here is what I came up with.
    No perfect place exists,I settled on the following
    I gave up on the idea of a pheasant and quail hunting area for various reasons some already stated.
    Upland hunting is upland hunting,my favourite bird is the one I Happen to be shooting at at any given time.(my way of,rationalizing with myself)
    So I purchased property in N. ont CHEAP ( especially compared to anything decent I found anywhere else)
    The grouse and woodcock hunting is phenomenal.There are millions of acres of crown ( open for hunting public land) around.With the money I saved I purchased a camp in a remote area on a lake (cheap).Between the 2 spots I have also great duck and goose hunting, pike,walleye and trout fishing.I'm close to all amenities,towns,schools,hospitals et al.People are great,my property taxes are low,standard of living high.All very very affordable.I've manicured some of my property and also use it for my own sporting clays course,I built pens and raise my own pheasant and quail for release.Sounds like heaven.It is for me,until end of November.Thats when it ends.It's cold and I mean freezing cold till April,so you either hibernate with the bears or head south with the birds.I do a bit of both. P.S. My property consists of 240 acres with one main cottage,garage and two other smaller camps on it.Plus my camp on a remote lake together cost me 100k cdn dollars.
    With the savings I purchased couple boats for,fishing duck hunting,4 wheeler and snow mobile.Compared to other places I found it very affordable.

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    Thanks Couliewalker. You have built quite a life for yourself there.

    The up north version of my dream will likely be the route I go. Would be so much more accessible for my kids, extended family etc. but is still hard to ignore what the prairie can do for ones soul.
    Chasing Roosters with a flushing dog on public land. As God intended.......

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    I co-own a 1/4 in SE it in 2000...put it in CRP after a couple of years, then enrolled it in a perpetual conservation easement (WRP) in 2005...much fun, did this before the big run-up in ag land prices...where I am now farm ground goes for around 4k an acre, some more, some less, but that is about the going rate, down from about 6k/acre about 4 years ago. We paid 600/acre in 2000...were paid 1200/acre to put it in the WRP program, which no longer exists. Because it can't be farmed or developed, it has less value, maybe you could look for a piece already in WRP, or a piece that has easements on it already, which diminishes the value. Suspect that West-river land prices are much lower...don't know if bird carrying #'s are different out that way or not...good luck!!


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