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Thread: 2017 Reports?

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    Default 2017 Reports?

    Just thought I would start a thread to see how people are doing.

    It has been slow thus far this year, but I am hoping with this upcoming cold spell that maybe things will get better. I have seen quite a few quail on my outings which is always fun getting into. Pheasants have been hit or miss. I have been getting out in the SE and central parts of the state and both seem to have birds, but it is just a matter of finding them and getting close. Have been skunked a few times (still saw some hens which was nice) which hasn't been as bad since we have bumped into some quail. Like others have reported I have seen quite a bit of out of state hunters this year and they seem to have mixed reviews. A lot of them are here for the quail and have usually been able to find them.

    Headed to the SW portion of the state for the first time and I am excited and trying to keep my expectations low from the various reports I have seen on here and heard from others. We will be hunting all public so I am crossing my fingers we don't run into too many grazed or hayed fields and can get on some birds. Either way it will be a good time with good friends!

    Hope everyone is doing well and hope to hear from some of you on how the season is coming along.

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    I've primarily hunted the SE part of the state, and gotten into quail every time. If I could shoot, I'd be set, but I can't. The quail appear to be in good shape. We pushed 5 big coveys on Turkey Day.

    Hunted the S Central part the week of Thanksgiving, conditions were hot and dry. I was able to take a rooster on the first day of my trip, and then missed one the second day. That's all we saw for roosters, ran into a few hens and quail again. I was disappointed, as I was really hoping to see a lot more action.

    All spots I hunt are public access.

    Unfortunately on the Friday after Thanksgiving I stepped in a hole while walk some CRP and messed up my ankle. I am on the shelf right now, but hoping to get back out in the next week or so.

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    Been out opener and the third weekend, lots of standing corn and seeing less birds that last year?? Working to get out a couple more times, anyone seeing many birds in December, corn should all be down. Looking to get a young dog onto some quail so curious what folks are seeing for quail?

    Happy Christmas and safe hunting.


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