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    Good day yesterday. Four and a half hour walk with my wife Mo across the prairie. Paused only to change out dogs. Pretty fun. Very low percentage of birds seen wanted to play French Brittany/French Spaniel games. Six took them on and lost. Some outstanding almost unbelievable dog work on a couple wing tipped roosters. Last bird was definitely not wing tipped. He skidded across the ice when he fell. Jazzy J broke through to make the retrieve after earlier breaking through to make the point from where she felt was necessary. Tired hunters...dogs they want to go more. Followed up with rest, eat pizza, drinking some Hop Hunter, and watching the Eagles. Fitbit said we did 95 floors in the flat Dak du Nord.

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    When are we going to hunt together? I love your reports and your thoughts on the landscape and dog work! I don't mind working for my birds but I, like you like to shoot them. Keep up the good work.


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