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Thread: Hunting near Lincoln?

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    Default Hunting near Lincoln?

    I am a big game and bird hunter from Colorado visiting wifes family in Lincoln and Omaha area for thanksgiving {21-26) and Im bringing Mrs. Benneli. Can anyone suggest areas to hunt or know some private they could put me on? Always willing to help land owners out with work or gifts{ie Crown & such}

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    Welcome to the forum!

    While I live in OK now, I grew up around Lincoln, hunted Neland for 20 years (still do), and will see if I can answer your question...but you might try posting this question in the Nebraska section of the forum for additional information

    If you haven't already, get the NE G&P atlas from their website; it will have all of the Open fields and Waters public access properties listed.

    Pheasants in the eastern part of the state will be pretty spotty according to my friends and family, but quail should be around. Public will have been pounded pretty hard by now, but if you can travel south and east (Gage/Saline counties) you will find the most public ground. Northeast of Omaha, maybe Wayne, Burt and Dixon counties; all of this can be found in the NE G&P pheasant report. You'll probably bump into more quail than pheasant, so load Ms Bennelli accordingly...

    Private access is usually a matter of asking the landowner; most of the time a simple "thank you" will suffice...but never underestimate the power of Crown Royal (lol). I'd point you in a directoin, but sadly my old haunts no longer hold birds...

    Good luck!

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    Thank you. Much obliged. Good health and hunting


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