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    Hi - My daughter is a student at UW Platteville and I'm looking for recommendations on pheasant hunting areas in Iowa since it's so close. Never hunted in IA so I'm not sure what to expect in terms of areas that are better than others, etc. I assume I would hunt public lands. Just looking to work in a little bit of bird hunting when visiting with my daughter. Recommendations?

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    Haven't made it to public ground in the area this year yet (Dubuque) but years past it's hit or miss. If you want to see birds, you're going to have to put in miles on both your vehicle and your feet. I hunted multiple times in the area last year, I seen no more than 5 roosters. I drove out to central Iowa one morning and seen too many too remember. NW Iowa is even better. Early reports still show lots of corn up all around the state. The cold front should help dry the corn out so I'd imagine that more corn will be out by the weekend.


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