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    Quote Originally Posted by hunter94 View Post
    just one piece of advice.............slow down. Your dog will sense your pace and move even faster......i guarantee you, in tough scenting conditions especially, you and your canine are walking by birds!!
    Exactly. The faster (or slower) you hunt, the faster (or slower) your dog hunts. And be vewwy quiet. If your dog has taken you hunting alone, this means hunt as much into the breeze as possible. And vary your direction (zig-zag; double-back). Pause for a minute occasionally. This doesn't thoroughly confuse roosters, but it helps you increase the element of surprise somewhat. And if you can, push them toward a barrier or break in the cover - something that might force them to hold a little bit until you get into range. And get out there & do it....a lot. Both you & your furry friend will learn what works (sometimes) & what doesn't. A hunter/dog combo who hunts a lot is bound to be more successful than the same hunter/dog who doesn't hunt a lot.
    "Most pheasants in South Dakota don't react too well to #5s." -The Hunt for Red Rooster

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    When I really want to shoot a bird desperately I take my 11 year old one eyed bird finder. It's a whole different game than with my ground eating 2 year old. Somehow I get more and better shots with my old dog and we sure don't speed through any cover.

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    Today was a decent morning on the eastern side of the state. We seen about 7 roosters and 5 or so hens. 3 of the roosters were close flushes. One was bagged by my buddy. It was his first wild pheasant hunt and we got him 1. I controlled my speed much better today and I know we still walked by birds(turned around to a flushing hen) but I feel like more flushes took place since I kept the dog slow as well. All in all not a bad morning.

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    Checking in ... again. Good to read some of us are having some success. My season so far has very much been similar to what you all have shared in total. I've been getting blanked in some fields, yet find 60+ birds in others. More often than not, persistence pays off and we come home with our two man limit. Some days we really have to work, however. Overall, I do think numbers are down, which surprises me given our last year of weather. In nearly all fields, the grass is much shorter/thinner than 'normal', given long bouts of no rain in the spring and early summer.

    I'm contemplating heading out for a solo hunt today, and will definitely be getting the kids out on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
    - Nate

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    I have been out maybe half a dozen times this season. I live in central Iowa and have hunted within an hour from home every time so far. Not seeing a lot of birds but there's enough to keep me excited. I am not limiting out every time but I haven't gotten skunked yet either! Seems to be a healthy mix of older birds and yearlings.

    I am going to try east central Iowa tomorrow for the first time this season. I wish it was a little cooler but what are you going to do?

    Good luck!


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