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    I'm new to the site and very new to bird hunting. I have a 14 month old field bred English Springer and have been training myself. This is my first year hunting for pheasant and I have had some luck on public land here in Central North Dakota. I have been training my dog myself and we have a bunch to learn. I have a trip planned in a few weeks on some private land hoping to gain some experience from the hunt. Any tips on hunting or training my dog will always be appreciated.

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    Welcome to the site! Theres lots of good guys on here with tons of experience. I have learned a lot and made a friend or two. Just keep taking the dog out. Often as you can. Hit all of the good cover that you can once the crops are off. Take a couple of early mornings and just set and listen for crowing. Get out and make some mistakes , you will learn the most from them.

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    Hello and welcome to a fellow North Dakotan! I think you'll find this site both friendly and informative. Great folks here with lots of experience and knowledge. Please post often and share your pictures or whatever else.

    esetter hit the nail on the head with his comments. Can't add to what he's already said.

    Again, welcome!

    Best Regards!

    Gregory J. Westberg
    MSG, USA

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    thanks for the words advice. To say I have a lot to learn is an understatement. I never in a million years thought I would be hunting let alone have a dog that can. It has me hooked. I can safely say that I'm addicted. Just wish I got into it sooner.

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    Welcome aboard. I also have a young springer. Youre in or near bird central so you definately have an advantage in letting her train herself. I generally turn mine loose and watch her do her thing in amazement. I hope yours is a winner in the field and home too.


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