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Thread: Pheasants n More

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsThisHeaven? View Post
    If you paid for a wild bird hunt they were wild birds.
    Or, they "supplemented" their wild stock - heavily. Again, in early/mid December, whether in IA or SD, there's simply no way to shoot 30 roosters, only see 10 others missed or out of range, and only 13 hens. Unless, of course, most of the roosters were released.
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    I agree with you. I hunt a few public areas in Iowa around preserves and have shot pen-raised roosters on the public. The differences I pointed out between Iowa and South Dakota were regarding outfitting/planting birds, which had been communicated incorrectly. If there is concern surrounding whether the birds were planted or not, a call to the outfitter may help to clear that up. There are very few pheasant hunting outfitters in Iowa, and the ones I am familiar with are not know to plant birds outside of their preserve areas. That may provide more accurate information than the speculation here.

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    I've hunted that area for years. You were shooting released birds. This year in the eastern half of the state we suffered a drought. There are simply not that many birds around. Glad you had a good time.


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