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Thread: Can pheasants see blaze orange?

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    Lol- yeah, it was windy, and the birds were running, but it was a great farm.I just knocked on the door, and the guy said go ahead, have at it.There was a lot of water, Russian olives, grain, it had it all. The snow geese were flying over head the whole day, which was great.

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    Yep, snow geese are awesome to watch, especially if they're low enough you can hear them pretty well too.
    "Most pheasants in South Dakota don't react too well to #5s." -The Hunt for Red Rooster

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    I got a few adult snow geese up in Saskatchewan, pass shooting.They are hard to get!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goosemaster View Post
    I agree, I don't always wear camo,I wear regular clothes, sometimes blue, green, but Orange really spooks birds.I don't run into other hunters very often.
    There may be more than ONE REASON FOR THATó-


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