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Thread: 2017 Hunting Reports

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    What state closes their pheasant season during deer season ??

    For that matter ... what state has split seasons on any upland game specie ??.
    Michigan does. Both pheasant and ruffed grouse seasons close during the firearms deer season and reopen from December 1-January 1.

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    One would have to be crazy to hunt grouse in PA, MI, WI, or MN during firearms deer season..hundreds of thousands of trigger happy weekend warriors in the woods is reason enough.. pheasants probably not so much depending on your hunting area, but still perhaps not the best idea..especially given the comparative length of each respective season. I'm lucky to have great pheasant and deer hunting fairly close, and happen to love sitting in the woods waiting for bucks, so losing the deer season pheasant hunting wouldn't bother me in the least..but that's just me..
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    All my deer hunting and about a third of my grouse hunting is on private land. A few guys chose to walk a trail or two for grouse during the deer weekends that we are there - staying away from stands of course. There is limited access into this private land area with large swamps and rivers boarding the other sides.

    I know people out in the Alex / FF area that will chase pheasants on deer weekends especially if they fill out on deer (private land). Combo hunt.

    Michigan is deer crazy so I guess I get that. Many MI schools have days-off around/during deer season.
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    The nine day MN ag region deer season often occurs when Minnesota corn field harvest is in full swing. I would keep that 2nd week in November over the potential (deep snow, severe cold, etc) to hunt MN pheasants in January.

    Agree that anyone hunting ruffed grouse on public land in MN during deer season is crazy ... at least on weekends. Not sure you even could in some areas since many of the trailheads are blocked by vehicles, campers, etc...
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    Most deer hunting injuries (including firearm related) in Minnesota occur with in hunting parties and are not "stranger" interactions or stray bullets.

    Are there any documented injuries, incidents, or near misses documented between deer hunters and upland hunters in Minnesota ??

    If you are abusive to your spouse ... it may not be wise to hunt with your in-laws.

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    Interesting discussion on the length of season. October has been worthless for years now and it was this year too. Its a sea of corn and it can have summer like weather into the 70's. The birds ARE in the corn, because that's where I found most of them even after the corn was harvested - in and around remaining stands of it. I used to hunt in October years and years ago but that's when there was a significant amount of it harvested too. Lately, its still there even into December and some is still there now! The price of it probably has played a role, as has supply.

    I'm guessing that most bird hunters (at least in MN) are also deer hunters since its far more popular and always will be. No sane person that hunted both would leave their deer stand to go tromp around for birds. Deer season is only 9 days and bird season is like 75 so the idea of just "going next week" during deer season doesn't exist. The only way I'd do it is if had filled my tag with a wall hanger and thats happened about twice in 25 years. As for braving a warm October day or a cold January day - I'll take January. My dog will too.

    Just my 2 cents. Open it later and keep it open into January. 9 day closure in November during deer season wouldn't bother me because I'm rotting away in a tree anyways. MEA weekend has a youth deer firearms season now, so that probably gobbles up youth bird hunters.
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    Gimruis your experience in October is not mine. Opening day found me on my usual opening public area watching roosters running around for 45 min till 9 am. Hunted on a side near harvested beans. Shot a limit in 10 min. Limited each day I hunted in October except one day when I only shot 1. Since I was almost always limited by noon the warmer days just found me napping with my dog and a cold drink by afternoon. Not sure where exactly you hunt but where I am there's plenty of wide open spaces with grass and brushlands with birds spread out in areas with no corn for miles some years. I don't hit areas with corn till it's out and yes I find birds there but that's much later in the season.
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    Lots of valid points on the topic. I find it tough to get out as much as I would like during late December due to holiday preparations, gatherings, etc (especially with kids). so it seems my season ends more like mid December just when things can really start to be heating up late season, unless i can squeeze in a new year hunt, but that can bring its own festivities in itself too. Would like to see the season extended a week or two to allow me to get through the holiday span and still have an opportunity to get out once or twice more. I live in the metro so getting out in prime pheasant range takes a little more of a time commitment, rather than just being able to get out and hunt a couple hours and then go home. However that may change with the success I have been hearing from this thread in EC MN. This would allow me to fit in a hunt within range of home all within a morning or evenings time. As for October success, I lean more in the favor of a waste, but i still go out just because the off season suspense has reached its peak by that point. Have seen warmer wet conditions past couple years and seems like you're really just picking up the straglers that are not hunkered down in the corn. However, I do see how guys could have success and do favor their early season hunts picking off uneducated yearling roosters. (longer days, naps, cold beverage, 50-60 degree temps, thin grass cover) nothing wrong with that.


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