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Thread: Maybe there won't be a fall

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    Default Maybe there won't be a fall

    I always use the return of the Sandhill Cranes as my indicator that summer is over and fall is here. That has always happened by mid Oct in years past but so far this year, no cranes have flown over the house. I guess they've changed their flight pattern a little bit or there hasn't been enough bad weather in Alaska and Montana to get them going my way.

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    They saw all this smoke, thought it was LA smog and turned around.

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    That didn't occur to me. So far, for some reason, the smoke has pretty much gone every direction except over Auburn. Maybe 2 days all summer with just a hint of smoke but we can't see the valley often because of it. I think they're still hanging out in Montana on Freeze Out Res. waiting for the all clear.

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    It was so smokey here yesterday at times the sun couldn't cast a shadow.
    Pretty sure it's the Napa fires but Table fire is a possibility.

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    It's funny but when they could burn rice stubble in the past it would get almost this smokey in Sacramento but only for a day or two each fall. They'd try to wait for a windy day to spread it out but would occasionally get one with an inversion that made it pretty rough for those with breathing issues. That used to be my signal fall was here before I switched to Cranes.

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    Saw a few sandhills flying over the San Joaquin out near Mendota a few weeks ago.
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