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Thread: Newbie and 7 month Britt pup looking for tips

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    Hello, newbie and will be my 1st season with my 7mo Britt pup looking for our 1st season out west. Just looking for tips with my pup on our 1st trip and mayb suggestion a place we can just hunt. Really don't care if we get birds or not want my pup to have a good time out on his 1st hunt. He did well for Dove.

    Thanks all!
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    Thank you.

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    Just want to give a quick update. Thanks to all for you tips and encouragement. My 7mo puppy Chief did awesome exceeded my expectation. Right out onto the field at legal time, Chief found a rooster and pointed my beeper hawk scream went off and as a pup he moved in to find after point flushed out the 1st rooster in 5mins no shot as his flight path was directly over another hunter not in our party. Another 60uds and Chief flushed out 5 hens. Went another 200yds and 1st rooster was on the ground which Chief pinned down and grab him by the shoulder neck area and keeps falling as grass hit the rooster. He was super stokes so was I. He flushed out to more rooster in a super tall grass over mh head and no shot. We ended up with just the one rooster but so proud of Chief. Looking forward to our next trip.

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