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Thread: Any Grouse Reports from the Sandhills?

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    Default Any Grouse Reports from the Sandhills?

    Does anyone have any Grouse reports from the sandhills region. My boys and I were going to go this past weekend but the rain scared us away. Looking to head to Halsey October 7th weather permitting. This will be our 4th year. Last two years were excellent hunting.


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    Ranger told me a late hailstorm killed all the chicks. He was right. Hunting was real poor. I hunted hard 2 days and only saw a few, mostly wild. I did have 1 shot, but after walking 5 hours, I whiffed. Yeah, 1 shot, compared to last year, that sucks. Anyway, love to go up there with my son, grouse or not. Maybe Merritt is better? Haven't heard. Happy hunting.

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    Thanks for the info

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    Hunted McElvie Monday- Wednesday this week. Birds are scattered, and jumpy! Lots of rose hips, crickets, and some grasshoppers, so the food is there.
    Our group of four totaled 12 birds for the trip- I was running a young dog, first time on the prairies, but he did pretty well.


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