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Thread: Grouse hunting

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    Snow (now dumped across my primarily grouse spots) and impending deer season appear to be ending my grouse hunting a little early. I hunt grouse on occasion in the snow, but it does NOT have the same appeal anymore that regular October hunts offer.

    It was a good season with ample opportunities and birds in the bag. Birds were certainly lower than last year especially in my spots close to the metro, but all across my grouse hunting range (both private land and public land).

    Reports by RGS, Bemidji Pioneer Press and talk with some really die hard grouse hunters from Winnie to Wisconsin suggests I did better than many. The high drum counts did not materialize into more birds this fall ... well certainly not a peak or close to a peak.

    Time to move focus to roosters. Still have 2+ months on that front.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quail hound View Post
    Ok guys, I've been back and forth but I think I'm going to give it a go. I'm going to take the 3rd and 4th week of October off and come out there. So I have one more question. Since I'm an avid bass fisherman and Mil Lacs is arguably the best small mouth fishery in the world should I buy a fishing license also and bring a rod? I know most of the good bass fishing is off shore but what are the bank fishing prospects like?

    Highvoltage, I haven't forgot about you, I'll be giving you a call soon.
    Actually Lake St Clair is probably the best small-mouth fishing.


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