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Thread: Vizsla Breeder?

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    Default Vizsla Breeder?

    Can anyone recommend a good Vizsla breeder in or around MN? Also is there a breed group similar to what the small munsterlander has in the SMCNA or KLM-GNA? Have a buddy looking for a breeder and want to make sure he gets a good one.
    Greta - 2 year old Small Munsterlander

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    It seems we posted about Vizsla breeders at almost the same time. I'm researching new ones too, but Tess came from HR Stalker Vizslas in Brookings, SD. Tess has been a great hunter, great family dog, and very healthy. His website shows a litter available in November. Frankly, if he had one planned for March I would not be looking that hard.

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    I strongly recommend Martinsen's Red Point Kennel, not too far from Sioux Falls. Tate and Jenny run a quality breeding program. They are extremely involved in NAVHDA and produce awesome dogs. I've seen quite a few of them run and been very impressed. One of the better dogs I've ever seen was West. I'd hunt behind him any day.


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