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Thread: One of the best GWP breeders, gone now...RIP

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    Default One of the best GWP breeders, gone now...RIP

    Jude Moebius, of Farmgate Kennels, died recently at 80 years of age.

    Jude was crusty, but had a big heart and a reputation for integrity that was stellar.

    She'd raised her daughter herself, and did a variety of other work: chef, Insurance supervisor, order administration at Land's End...with any dollars left over from life expenses spent on her dogs. I owned two of them and they were remarkable. Button, my first was the best hunting dog I've ever worked with. Young Bert, the not-right dog, was the biggest character I have personally encountered.

    She was the type of breeder who would take a dog back two years later, even if the buyer had violated the contract (neutered w/o permission of breeder). It didn't matter, they were HER dogs.

    Some years ago, she owned the highest rated GWP male in the U.S.

    All this with just her daughter and herself going to driveable shows that allowed them to get back to work on the following Monday, and often, in a Ford Escort.

    And every dog of Farmgate was as well socialized as a companion dog in New York.

    One helluva woman, and a breeder who gave the profession a great name. A dog lover first, then a breeder, but always a friend.

    I will miss her enormously. Happy trails, Jude, until we meet again.

    For hunters, Fall is the island towards which we swim all year.

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    Sounds like she had a real love for the breed. RIP Jude


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