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    Default Training Table.......

    She is done.

    Probably should have been built last year, but, we have it now.

    Is it Fall yet!?!?!




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    Very nice! I just built one, too, just a week ago with scrap wood I found under my cabin so it didn't cost me a thing. At the moment I've made it like the ones Jon Hann use in the Perfect Retrieve DVDs so I can teach FF to my pup. The poles slide out,,,,,so maybe later on I'll add the ascending and descending walk board. At the moment I'm training my dog to whoa on the place board that's sitting on top of the table.

    IMG_1510 by Brent Davy, on Flickr

    I'm using it in my messy garage right now. There's everything in there except the kitchen sink,,,,oh, wait. There is a kitchen sink back there leaning up against the back wall but it doesn't seem to distract the dog. LOL

    What other things do you plan on using the table for?
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    Nice Job, the bench is a great training tool. Both of you guys are only half done, My bench is 16' long.


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