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Thread: Pheasant Hatch

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    Things just keep getting better and better !

    Was out conditioning the dogs again on a local WMA that I hadn't been to in 10 days. Back then I had two points and 2 birds in the air. Now.. what's got me enthused is the fact that this WMA I rarely if ever produce any finds, it's more of a conditioning field than anything else. We'll.. this morning dogs go on point almost immediately (nice back by my younger GSP by the way ) Up goes a young bird. Dogs don't move, up goes two more. I release the dogs and two minutes later they lock up again. All hell breaks loose and 5 more birds are airborne 1 and 2 at a time. These were all young birds of this year. I'm flabbergasted ! I have never seen this many birds on this piece of cover in the 17 years I've lived nearby. By the way the cover this year is great. It's not overly tall as in past years, but rather hip to waist high with corn and beans across the highway. To finish up as were heading back to the truck after about 40 minutes, bang, my 11 year old locks up one last time. I walk in and out goes a hen.

    What a great sight to see. I'll let them be for a bit and use other areas for conditioning. As the roadside counts depict a sizable decrease for portions of the Pheasant belt, there's no question that where you have good nesting cover you can produce a decent hatch.
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    My observations in MN have been just as many if not more birds seen in poor areas than in the good areas.

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    I saw more birds over the winter, into the spring and also this summer, then I can remember in quite a few years. I figured the hatch was a good one, because I have been seeing a large number of broods with good numbers (6-10) in each as well. So, when the survey came out, I was quite surprised. Heck, I was out working the dogs 2 weeks ago, we flushed a young rooster that was still mostly brown, but he was easily identified as he cackled at take off and while he flew across the property. He should have most of his new color by now.

    So, I am looking forward to the season. Regardless of the numbers reported, I will get my dogs out and hunt. Good luck!


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