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Thread: New to Group - Central SD Lodging

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    Quote Originally Posted by PheasantWhisperer View Post
    It's not frowned upon at all. It's actually good to PM when talking about pricing or specific places you are going. It's very respectful. It's really no one else's business other than the parties that are interested. It keeps places from getting to pressured and there are people that advertise on here and pay to sponsor the website. Some people just want to gripe about it once they find out the price. Not knowing the price means they can't gripe about it. You are will within how things are done. No need to apologize.
    Excellent summary and explanation! It is a respectful way of communicating and it isn't anyone's business!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chjohnso62 View Post
    Messaged you
    Thanks for the private message, your place looks great! I will run it by my group for a possible December hunt. No need to apologize for the PM.

    Have a good weekend.
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    Sent you a PM.
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    "Central SD Lodging. Can accommodate large or small groups. October weekends are pretty well booked. Shoot me a PM of dates you are looking at or what you are looking for. I can hook you up with reasonable priced private land or get you some public hunting options within 10 miles. Been primarily used for friends and family in the past."

    The original ad is for lodging. I also stated I could find reasonable priced land (which my family owns). Iv'e had several people message me and told them the situation. Most are more interested in the private land.

    If you choose to hunt public land and you need a place to stay - message me.

    If you hunt private land somewhere else and need a place to stay - message me.

    Iv'e never once stated that you have to hunt on our private ground, just stated it was possibly available.

    If you choose to pay to hunt private land, why would someone hunt public. I guess I'm not understanding. Motels around our area get full and stay full most of the season, I'm just passing along a lodging option for those who want a different experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chjohnso62 View Post
    Ill also clear up that I have nothing to do with the public land, I just know where a lot of it is located if you choose that rout. Seems like you are implying that I have my own public ground or take groups on the public ground. That is not the case.
    After SMO's rambling-rants--
    I think I might volunteer to come and hunt some public near your place--with your customer's --if they requested --for absolutely--Free--
    If near --and not tied up guiding


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