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    I have a started male Britt who turns 2 years old in May that it is looking more likely that I will have to sell due to job relocation. My job will be taking me to an area where bird hunting just won't be possible and I really don't feel like it will be fair to do that to this dog. He has 2 months of training with Steve Chang and did very well in the few trials I was able to get him to. He has hunted well for both Pheasant and quail. He works well with other dogs and honors, he is steady to wing but not shot and he retrieves pretty well. I have worked him on an ecollar and have only ever needed to use the tone for correction, almost never the had to buzz him except for a few chases for unwanted critters.
    His breeder is Allen Davis out of Wyoming who runs Table Mountain Kennels. I have all his papers, he is not fixed but I could have that done if need be. If you are interested or have any other questions please email me at

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    How much are you looking for?

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    Yes that a major factor I'd say the price???

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    I got my previous dog from Steve Chang. He is a very good guy and an excellent trainer. Did you get this dog as a pup from Steve? Could you please post a copy of the dog's pedigree?
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