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Thread: Possible Trespass Law Change

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    Hi all, here's the posting regs as they stand today:

    "Posting and Trespass Regulations

    (See Century Code: Title 20.1 for the most current and complete regulations.)

    Only the owner or tenant, or an individual authorized by the owner, may post land by placing signs alongside a public highway or boundary giving notice that no hunting is permitted on the land. The name of the person posting the land must appear on each sign in legible characters. The signs must be readable from outside the land and must be placed conspicuously and not more than 880 yards apart. On land entirely enclosed by a fence or other enclosure, posting of signs at or on all gates through the fence or enclosure constitutes a posting of all the enclosed land.
    Hunting on posted lands without permission from the owner or tenant is illegal and punishable by suspension of hunting, fishing and trapping privileges for a period of at least one year.
    Any person may enter upon legally posted land (without a firearm or bow) to recover game shot or killed on land where he/she had a lawful right to hunt.
    It is illegal to hunt in unharvested cereal and oilseed crops, including sprouted winter wheat, alfalfa, clover and other grasses grown for seed, without the landowner?s consent.
    It is illegal to deface, take down or destroy posting signs.
    Failure to close gates upon exit or entry is a criminal violation punishable by forfeiture of hunting licenses."

    The above is what the landowner is supposed to do. Unsigned posters or tires with No Hunting are not really legal, but, I sure wouldn't go on that land. If caught and you went to court, you'd more than likely lose. The Judge will probability side with the landowner saying that the intent of the landowner was for no one to hunt that land.

    If the landowner does do it right, you should be able to track him down and call for the yea or nay. I've seen signs that even have their phone number on the signs or what town he lives in. That makes things easy.

    Just some more info you you all.


    Gregory J. Westberg
    MSG, USA

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    880yds is way to far apart need to change that.


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