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Thread: My New Pea Shooter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakotazeb View Post
    Beautiful looking gun. Is it all original or has it been refinished? I've never shot a double trigger and don't plan to try and learn at my age.
    I will let you try this fall when we hunt together George! It appears to be original the case color is about 70%, stamping looks crisp, the butt pad is not original.

    Upland - Ive always told myself I will not buy a gun that I wouldn't hunt with, so this gun will see lots of action this fall in the grouse woods for sure and I will kill at least my rooster with it when I'm out in SD.

    I don't have a good way to measure the chokes, I'm guessing either imp cyl and mod or imp cyl and full. My hunting buddy picked up a fox 16 so we are going to pattern together here shortly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UplandHntr View Post
    Great looking gun but theres no way I could carry it hunting. too afraid to scritch it up!
    Never believed in tható(not using them for they were made to do)

    Like having a beautiful women and being afraid to ruffle the fun parts-


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