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    We are getting a nice break in the winter now in Montana, after several weeks of snow, cold and wind. It is surely a needed respite for all animals up this way. Looking at the forecast, one see's temps in the 30's for highs the remainder of this week, then 20's next week with no storms in forecast currently. On another note, I was driving yesterday to an area here to see some folks I know , there was still lots of snow, but I couldn't believe all the Huns I saw, they are one tough bird, I must have seen 300 huns in a 15 mile stretch, along with pheasants and grouse, worst part was, they hang around roadways because that is only area without a lot of snow.

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    Yeah I think Missoula set a record for snow but the mountains are still only around 85% snow pack. Need more snow up top! Push some pheasants west. Still not great where I am.

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    I hope the thaw helps. Montana has a tough stain of wild pheasants. Those birds can take some nasty conditions.

    Please keep us informed on how things go in the coming weeks and what you see. If you get a chance to photograph game-birds along the roads like you're describing please post them here.

    Thank you!
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    I have been very impressed by the number of huns that myself and the pups have been seeing this early spring, not sure how other parts of Montana have faired, we were spared the worst of the snow...of course that can still change. I am headed to Big Timber, then Billings this weekend, so I will have a chance to see some country and maybe get an idea of how other areas have faired.


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