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    Looking for a new pointing dog, Im open to any breed of pointer or setter.
    Very interested in an older, maybe even retired dog that still wants to go. My last 2 dogs were retired dogs and I absolutely loved them until the day they passed. Also open to a younger dog if the price is right. I am an avid hunter with two young boys who love going with me, great to my dogs and take great care of them! Please PM me what you have and how much. Thank you in advance! Willing to travel!
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    Check out this Brittany in Missouri. They want $2,500 which I feel is a little high for a 5 year old dog. Maybe they would take less.

    Here's a 6 year old Pointer in Oklahoma.

    There are other ads for started dogs on Make sure you check both the Premium and the Free Ads.
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    Hi George,

    By now you're enjoying the sunny climes of AZ. What a lucky fellow! I sent a PM to you..

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