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    This is very, very hard for me to do. I have an intact male Springer born 5/21/16 that I need to sell. He is a great dog, the reason I need to sell him is that I have a 16 month old lab that is very, very hyper and having the two of them together has become more than I can handle

    The Springer really is a great dog. He is micro chipped, has had all of his shots, etc. Has had a 2 week bird and gun intro with Tony Roettger in which Tony shot about 30 birds over him. The pup comes out of FC Macon Creek Tucker and FC Upland Briar Mistletoe (Holly) so great blood lines.

    I care deeply for this pup, so I will only sell him to a deserving home that will love and care for him and also hunt him. I paid $1,500 for him and that is all I am asking to get out of it is my original charge for the training, etc.

    I am broken up about this, so he will only go to a really good home.

    The one thing I will mention is that house training is about 80% of the way done. He does still have an occasional accident.

    Please PM me if you are interested or have any questions.

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    PM sent. Where are you located?

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    Minneapolis/St. Paul area

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    Pup is going back to his breeder. Good home, good people and will be with his momma. Still hard to do, but I feel better knowing he is going there.


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