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    Default 2016-2017

    I guess I will start
    second day of season went to secret location "WMA"
    9 coveys
    limit harvested

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    Very cool. That's great to hear. I haven't even been out yet.

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    Hit the same spots my group and I do almost every season on opening weekend. Found decent numbers of birds but nothing like the reports were leading us to believe. Scenting conditions were tough, but still can say with confidence that bird numbers were down compared to last year... at least at the public areas we hit.

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    Skipped opening weekend and went to BK Monday thru Wednesday. Found more birds than the last time I was there in 2013. But, it was rough country on a 74yr old geezer with a new pup, especially when it was 88 and 87 degrees two of those days. Hopefully, I can get in a few day trips this year.
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    I hope your quail don't get beat up this year with lots of extra pressure from the bird number reports and PF/ QF going out and filming and reporting on FB. Good luck guys, should be a good season for you all.
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    Can't wait but the big bucks are still moving. My bird hunting starts in about a month. Hearing good things but it's been awful warm.

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    Yes it is warm!! I'm ready for some cold weather! I'm going to Pack Saddle for deer on Friday. Hoping to get some meat! Good luck to all you guys.

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    Default second time out

    very dry and windy
    Western Oklahoma needs rain in a bad way
    Did find quite a few covey's of birds
    managed another limit of birds

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    Default 1 deg

    Western Oklahoma
    1 deg start zero wind
    huge coveys 30 birds plus
    hunted some new spots
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    Sorry to take this topic off course for a split second, but I had a good hunt the last weekend of OK's quail season last year and would love to do it again - I'm not sure if the spot I went to would be available for me to hunt this year or have the birds on it again as well and it was only 270 acres or so but had probably 20 covies or more on it so by myself i was not damaging the population.

    Anyways throwing this out there - anyone be interested in trading a hunt in OK for a prairie chicken hunt in KS?

    Prairie chicken hunt would not be guaranteed ha as the birds are pretty tricky at times, but I believe I have them figured out enough I could put you on birds and we'd see them - if they are in range is another question but if you do get one over a point it makes it even more of a prize.

    If we focused on them I know of enough places and how to hunt them we'd have a good time and get into some quail to boot in places or possibly a pheasant or 2.

    It'd be within 2-3 hours of Wichita where we can find them. Most on public but no one hunts it for them (WIHA's) as they dont know how. I've got one private land contact but need to find him again this year, really not much need for private anyways. I've always had good luck in later December and January. If your dog has good wheels all the better. 20-40 degrees with a 5-10mph wind is about ideal. Dogs can run more and not overheat.


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