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    So yesterday was our opener if anyone is aware. I of course had to work, hard to take off when you know its gonna be 85 degrees. So I did what I could. Loaded my dog up in the morning. Took her to school. Stayed in my classroom all day. Bell rang at 3:35. And out the back door we went. School owns 160 acres right behind my ballfield so I figured at least we would get out on opening day. No quail, but not surprising being this hot. Could have been anywhere. But I did get up 4 woodcock. So opposed to my earlier post, I believe they are here. Dog pointed 3 out of the 4. Shot at 2, missed em both. Should have gotten one. The other would have been a webgem shot but it was the first one of the year so why not. Got done right at about 6. Empty bag, but got some decent dog work and finally found the timberdoodles!
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    Got into a large covey with about 18 birds after 30 min of hunting. Knocked one down with my first shot and killed one with my third. Dog pointed the cripple and it jumped and fluttered a bit and was able to get it! Thought we knew exactly where the singles went and hunted hard for them and could never find any of them. That was all the action we could handle with the hot weather and called it quits around 11.


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