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Thread: Public Pheasant Hunting in Western WI

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    Default Public Pheasant Hunting in Western WI

    Does anyone have any experience with hunting any of the pheasant-stocked areas in Western Wisconsin? In particular in Dunn County? Is it worth a trip now or pretty much hunted out and not likely to find any birds?


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    Almost always, public areas that are stocked are hit hard until the stocking is over with. Get out and find out if it's worth while to hunt. Have fun with it. Exploring new areas can be very fulfilling.
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    Default Dunn co.

    As hesitant as Iam to share info on my resident hunting grounds I can give you some info. The birds are released several times through the season. You won't kick up a ton of birds but one or two guys can do okay. I have yet to be totally skunked but have had lots of hunts with one or two flushes. You will be sharing the area with deer hunters and others but the pressure isn't to bad except for opening day. My drive to get there is right around an hr. If it wasn't the only game in town And it was't that close I wouldn't bother. If you want to send me a pm with your phone no I could give you some more detailed info.

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    This seems to be a good tool for me. Obviously the more birds stocked the better chance. I usually go mid week to the properties that get a lot of birds stocked. The small properties I hit on the weekends. Also i'm not sure about Dunn county but St.Croix i've heard has the best wild population of birds in the state. Try hunting some WPA's just make sure you have non-toxic when you hunt them.

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