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Thread: Mountain quail

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    Seems like they might have earned a nap Nice pics.
    Take a little time for howlin' at The Moon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by quail hound View Post
    Well we had a tough go saturday, didn't find a single covey and we hunted hard from sun up until noon and again from about four until sunset. A little thunderstorm rolled in in the evening and dropped just enough rain to help scenting conditions a bit and we found two covies this morning before heading home. The dogs are pretty wiped out right now.
    Very nice photos and a great way to kick off the bird season. Hope you get into them as the moisture increases.

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    I went back up this morning. We moved three family groups, wouldn't really call them covies, and I put on a terrible shooting display and brought home two birds after shooting ten shots. Now the deer rifle army will take over the woods for a while.

    Can it be mid October already? I can't wait to head back out to MT and SD. This will be the first general quail opener I've missed in eight years but it will be worth it.
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