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Thread: Looking for lodging near Center, ND.

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    Default Looking for lodging near Center, ND.

    4 guys going to be hunting near Center need a place to stay with 2 or 3 dogs. Nothing fancy just clean with cooking facilities. Any references appreciated.

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    I posted this on the UJ BBS, but thought I'd post this here as well.

    Hi, perhaps I can help a bit. I do a lot of my bird hunting at my friends ranch, which just so happens to be 7 miles from Center. Center is a small town with no motels/hotels and I don't know of any other rental. The bar is called Wolfies (Lone Wolf) and there is a gas station that doubles as a store. There is also 1 cafe, which has odd hours. To be honest not much there for out of town folks. Your best bet is getting a room in either Mandan or Bismarck. Your only about 35 miles from Center. There are a quite a few motels that allow dogs. You should be able to find a room easy.

    As a side note, my son was up there today working cows at the ranch. Good area and overlooked compared to other parts of the state.

    Hope this helped some.

    Good Luck!



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