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Thread: Father/Son Last weekend Hunt

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    Default Father/Son Last weekend Hunt

    Went out for the last weekend. Went a little further West than we normally go. We have had a good season so far so we decided to try some different areas. Saw and bagged plenty of quail. A couple pheasants and got to see some prairie chickens as well. Saw all three species both days. Got to meet some new people out west, 1 fellow forum member. Nice to meet ya Shane. Below is a picture of my dad, birds, and dogs after our 1st run on Saturday morning. Saw 3 coveys and a group of Prairie Chickens at this first stop. The rest of the day I was getting gopro footage and trying to figure that out. When I figure out how to get the video footage on here you can see the action shots. Thanks Kansas. See ya next fall.

    Took three birds on this covey; covey was spread out. Suede my 7 year old vizsla is up on point, bonnie my dads setter is on too, and piper, the vizsla puppy is the one with the vest on. She's almost got it figured out. Little more honor work this spring. But she's coming along.

    This is the second video. We've all done it. Dad might punch me for putting this one up. Suede is on point facing us. Bonnie comes in to back. Hopefully she teaches piper how to honor other dogs! Again, the puppy listens to the whoa. But cant keep it there to long. Puppy ADD!
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    Nice video!


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