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    Looking to get a lab and was interested if anyone has heard of them, any information would be appreciated.

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    I had a lab out of this Kennel- when it was based in Indiana. My understanding is the current owners bought it and moved it to Iowa. My boy was sired by Cashingers Corky and looked exactly like him... 90lbs of muscle in with a personality that everyone loved.

    I would own a lab like him any day, FWIW. Smart, tons of drive and easy to train... I shot everything over that dog- Ducks, geese, grouse, woodcock- but he was pure hell on pheasants. He would consistently find wild birds here in Michigan, which is tough to do. He also learned how to circle ahead of runners and pin them using the hunters.

    He is missed very much in our family too. Small sample size- but that is my experience with HPK.

    good luck-let us know what you decide.

    BTW- there is a kennel here in Michigan Hunters rose kennel that used some of the same lines for there kennel from my understanding. They are in Dundee, MI
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    I have a friend with a dog out of Hunters Point. Great looking chocolate, great in the field and great in the house. I have been very impressed with the dogs I have seen from this kennel at hunt tests.

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    Thanks for all the help


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