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Thread: A little or a lot, the saga of hard and fast rules!

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    I am thinking about this thread again with the wildfire near Medicine Lodge. This would be a good year to take a drive through that area and see what this fire has done to the status quo from a habitat perspective. This should be a great classroom for us to watch wildlife respond to a huge shift in the ecological niche available. These grasslands that had been dominated by Eastern Redcedar will once again be dominated by grassland species and the wildlife that depend upon that type of habitat will fill it. You should be able to drive the perimeter of the fire and compare new to old. Maybe you can take a walk on both sides and compare. I am planning to go down and give it several looks.
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    I agree Troy, the amount of info we c an gather and learn following any wildfire event is endless. I've often thought we need a photo station to document how the site recovers and what are coming back for but flora and fauna. Hopefully this fire occurred prior to nesting season. Fire is such a great management tool, just not always use friendly. Hope the weather changes in the foivor of the firefighters an no more structures lost.
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