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Thread: Western ND Hunt

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    I honestly don't know what you guy are talking about. I'm on my 5th lab and never have had them not eat all their food, hunting or at home. I totally agree with waiting at least half an hour after hunting is done or strenuous activity to feed them.

    I've hunted with guys who have pointers, and have seen them barely eat after a hard days hunt. I do bring peanut butter cookies (store bought) to give them now and again during the hunt. And of course water. There are liquid supplements you can mix with water to give them during the hunt. I've heard good/not worth it on that.

    Feed hi quality dog food, it costs more, I feed Acana Wild Prairie, 33% protein. 1/4 cup more or less than my usual feeding makes a difference in their weight.

    I swear my labs would eat the paint off my truck if it had any taste!


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    Dakota Zeb, I agree with waiting 1/2 an hour or so before feeding. Usually by the time I was done working with clients, cleaning bagging birds, etc. The I tended to the dogs before the ride home. They still just looked at the food when I put it in the kennel but like I said when we got home after an hour and a half ride the food was gone. Then I fed them their regular dry high quality dog food for dinner. Dogs react differently to food. Most of my Golden Retrievers because they are high energy golden's don't overeat. If given good food they can many times be free fed and they will only eat what they need. But that is my dogs, other react differently. My suggestion is try different things until you are successful with your dogs and what they like! Hopefully they guy who started this thread has gotten some useful info of different things to try. I will agree the hardest time I have with my dogs is when they are hunting hard in the Dakota's for a week. By the end of the week I will be happy just to get them to eat anything!

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