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Thread: Hunting etiquette

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    Default Hunting etiquette

    1.-please have control of your dog. Because if your dog follows me it sucks to have to stop and bring your dog back to you.
    2.-when you here people shooting it doesn't mean run as fast as you can to the area.
    3.-when you are walking in a field and you see hunters hunting do not stop walking the field you are walking to come and stop another hunter in the middle in the field they are hunting and ask them how they are doing and ask them whete they are going next.

    Thank you for listening to my rant

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    Out of those 3 things, the dog one pissed me off the most. I happened to be with on that hunt and the other groups dog took off and hunted with us. They never attempted to come and get their dog, they just kept calling and the dog wouldn't listen. When you only have an hour to hunt, you don't want to spend it caring for someone else's dog. I've never seen anything like that before. Since they were not willing to attempt to head over and get there dog I was ready to keep pushing on. I mean seriously at this point we were about 150 yards from them and they were still just standing there. I was pissed at this point, luckily your a nicer guy than me.

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    I gave up on bringing dogs back to their owner every year I have other dogs join me and I just go with it until the "hunter" comes and gets their dogs.

    Yet to have a follower mess up a hunt because usually my dogs are 2 steps ahead of them anyway.

    2 is just unsafe and dumb I might have a chat with them.

    3 I'd just ignore them. Trust me the entertainment factor of just walking away from them like they aren't there will be worth it.

    Other than the safety issues I usually get enjoyment seeing and contacting other hunters,also a lot of times you can use other hunters in your favor.

    With all that said I really do get your frustration you just have to expect those issues and laugh at them.


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