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Thread: where are the pheasants on public land

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    Default where are the pheasants on public land

    So I am at two pheasants for the year neither one has been taken from public land. I have hunted public land Tuesday and Wednesday and saw one bird on a very far flush. I have also heard very few shots expect opening weekend I also know a guy that lives next to public land and he said he has not seen the stocking truck yet. someone else I know went out today and saw no birds. So I am wondering if others are seeing the same thing. And I wonder what happened to the dnr stocked twice a week the first 3 to 4 weeks?


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    I haven't been out much because I'm heading to Montana for 2 weeks in a couple days but every year the first week or 2 are always frustrating here in southern Wi. Not enough birds have been stocked to allow for consistent hunting in the fringe areas so you're competing with the nimrods and the wild birds are spread out with a lot of crops and cover.


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