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Thread: Public land for camping ?

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    Default Public land for camping ?

    What kind of public land can you camp on in South Dakota ? I am pulling a very small trailer and looking for some spots to stop between the Black Hills and Pierre, happily zigzagging across the state. Close to a good fishing hole for my 5 yr old would be a big bonus

    Appreciate the help - please feel free to pm me

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    You can camp on any of the National Grasslands in South Dakota as well as on School land. If camping on school land it has to be low impact, no digging, fires, etc. Don't disturb livestock or crops, pretty much common sense.

    You cant camp on Game Production Areas or in Walk in Areas.

    In between Pierre and the Blacks Hills what comes to mind are Buffalo gap and Ft Pierre National Grasslands. There is also a campground in Badlands National Park. The Public Hunting atlas will also show you the School land.

    Let me know if you have more specific questions. I can out you on some fishing spots in the Black Hills and around Wall/New Underwood but don't know about anything further east.


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