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Thread: One of the best days of the year

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    I thought Dugan was similar age. That is what is amazing as he acts like a 2-3 year old most of the time just bouncing off the walls and such. I really think last year was his best overall hunting wise as he was a machine and just couldn't wear him out hardly. If we can get through this year as the main dog then he can take it easy some going forward as I will have the youngster to carry most of the payload. Can't wait to see them both out there together either.

    Hopefully Dugan bounces back from his injury soon and you guys have a great year!

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    The only thing better than a Springer for pheasants is two Springers!

    You must be pretty excited about getting a pup from FC, he has some beautiful dogs with good bloodlines. Are you driving out to pick the pup up?

    Thanks for the well wishes and right back at you!

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    Haven't worked out all the details yet for getting it. If it works we will meet in conjunction with his field trial schedule but if needed will make the trip out there and pick it up. It is going to spend some time out there with Ken before he comes to us.

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    Glad to see Copper is still hitting the fields. Let the new pup know he has some big shoes(paws) to fill. Let me know next time you're making a trip out: we will have to link up soon.


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