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Thread: Bird sightings

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    Flying to the left again
    "Through license fees and excise tax on arms and gear, sportsmen contribute over $200 million per year for wildlife conservation programs" (U.S. fish and wildlife service)

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    We got out yesterday (3 hunter, 2 dogs) and hit a few spots.

    Put up about 20-25 birds but ran more than that out into the fields. One of our hunters can't really walk the grass any longer so he is designated blocker. Unfortunately he likes to sit in the truck or drive back and forth and not actually block! But I don't really care.

    We got permission to hunt a little honey hole (first time in 3 years) on the state line and killed two cocks on it. Ran a half dozen out and saw a few hens. Out near Buckley have a nice little ditch that we flushed a few and ran a few out of but never pulled the trigger. Did kick 3 big cocks right toward out blocker at the end of the ditch but he was keeping warm.

    Last spot flushed about half a dozen hens, 3 cocks and ran others into the fields. The other dog is young and full of piss. First thing she did was jump up and knock me good int he nutts. Later when he got out at the first spot, I already had my dog out of truck and was standing about 20ft from the truck with my back turned. That little SOB took on leap from the truck and landed on the back of my knee and nearly took me down and out. About an 80lb GSP. She's too rangy but has tremendous desire. Her owner is a 18 yr old boy. Good kid and wants to learn.

    A good day in the field.

    Did notice something that I thought was weird. Several of the CRP fields we drive past all look like they have been recently mowed. They are about 12 inches high and not 3 feet as usual. Wondering what's going on with that if anyone knows?

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    Sounds about like our day Murph. Ran down to Milford on Saturday. Was an hour late meeting my buddy. Had a little too much brown liquor Friday night, so didn't start hunting until 8:45. Hit my favorite crp field first thing. First time I've been able to hunt it all year. Had standing corn, and it's been too wet to drive into it.

    Got started and my setter pointed a hen right away. Pointed again a few minutes later, and a hen and a rooster got up, and I got the rooster. Had one in the bag in the first 10 minutes. My buddy had his two young GSP's down again. His female pointed, she was 25 yards in front of him, several hens got up then a rooster. He hit the rooster hard, and dropped a leg to. It flew down to the end of the field. We both got a good mark on it. Two more points on hens from my setter. Got to the end, and his young male pointed the rooster right where we had it marked. Glad we didn't lose it. Se we had 2 in the bag in the first 30 minutes.

    Head to the second spot out by Wellington. Stopped and asked the farmer permission. Great guy who really liked my dad. I was so excited to hunt this ditch. It's a mile long and beautiful wide filter strips on each side. Made the pass down and back, and didn't see a thing other than a dead hen. Dogs never even got a whiff of one. I was pretty stunned. I know there's birds there, but I think they were in the corn stalks. Oh well, I'm gonna hit it again when it gets cold.

    Hit one more small 10 acre crp patch north east of Milford. My setter pointed and one lone rooster got up, and my buddy killed it. Only thing we saw. So all in all three birds. Maybe saw 15-20 in total. Not too bad. Hit the bar for a few, then took my mom to dinner.

    I've seen what you are talking about. Several of my good spots out by Bryce have mowed filter strips. I don't know why they mow them. I'll ask my friend who works for pheasants forever. It's maddening to see crp mowed.


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