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    Hello all, just thought I would post this for anyone looking to join a club for the upcoming 2015 Pheasant season. The knights landing sportsman's club is looking for additional members this year. If anyone is interested we will have a booth at the YOLO county fair Aug 19-23. We are a non profit club that offers hunting opportunities during the normal DFG pheasant season. Its a bit different than a put and take club as we have land agreements with farmers in the River Gardens Farms and Sutter basin. Birds are planted on Fridays and hunting is open Saturday-Thursdays during normal shooting times. We plant around 1600 birds for the season on close to 16,000 acres, give or take as the availability of fields changes from year to year. If anyone is interested check us out at. or on FaceBook You can also send me any questions as well.

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    Thanks for the heads up.

    I emailed the club but haven't heard back- are there places for overnight rv parking? an approximate map?


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    Calisdad, my apologies no one has gotten back to you. We are re-vamping the website and some things are a bit glitchy. There is no designated RV parking right now but one of the farmers lets the group I hunt with park their campers on his property for the season. There is probably room for a couple more but I would need to check. If not there is an RV campground in Knightslanding right off of HWY 113 & 45 Called Boat Yard RV park. That is no more than a 5 min drive from some of the fields in the River Gardens farms area. I don't have a current map for this year, but Let me see if I can come up with something for you.


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    I made up a map of the general ares we have fields to hunt. We do not have access to hunt all the fields in the red areas, this is just a general area of where the fields are located. If you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask
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    Awesome- looks good.


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    I would be very interested in joining! It's not too far for me. Not sure if I'll make the sportsman show so I'll check out the site!


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