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Thread: Buy a LIC!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frangler View Post
    In Colorado they have commercials on TV explaining where the funding comes from for many of our parks. The commercial tells people to hug a Hunter or Fisherman if they are happy for open space. I think the adds are great and spread awareness to where the funding comes from.
    In Idaho ALL!!!! funding comes from Lic/PR act and or Idaho Dept F&G is broke I belive the Biologists that run it want general funding as its more in line with their beliefs .

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    Quote Originally Posted by wesslpointer View Post
    The down side is they well have a bigger and bigger say in the management of wildlife and hunting regs.
    This is the reason I've heard for not requiring fees, licenses and excise taxes for more things. Right now it's pretty much funded by consumptive uses. Non consumptive users groups want to pay taxes and have expensive fees so they can have the bigger say that wesslpointer talks about. Smile, pay the tax or fee and realize you and wildlife managers could have it much worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calamari View Post
    Smile, pay the tax or fee and realize you and wildlife managers could have it much worse.
    That's a good point. We have an example of such here in McHenry C. We have a county conservation district that get's most of it's funding from the general public (property taxes).

    Their habitat improvements are awesome--grassland management has been unbelievable, but their rules/laws are very strict on "their" lands. Land's which add up to 10's of thousands of acres within the county. They've opened some properties up for limited hunting through a permit process which is good, but at the same time, they've purchased thousands of aces over the years that many folks used to hunt. Now they're posted with "NO TRESSPASING" SIGNS. Can't even work/walk a dog or hike on them let alone hunt them.

    About a month ago a client was telling me few teenager were off-trail shed hunting on one of the county conservation properties a year or so ago. They got caught walking off the marked trail and got bused for it.

    If that's what funding from the general public brings about, yeah, I suppose we'd have more freedoms and outdoor opportunities through staying the course we're on---that is, hunters, fisherman, trappers, and PR act taking the blunt of the financial burden.

    "Through license fees and excise tax on arms and gear, sportsmen contribute over $200 million per year for wildlife conservation programs" (U.S. fish and wildlife service)


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