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What a great place to be from and to grow up as a boy! I bet the Cottontails still run at the sound of your name.
I hunted Chukars in that area with my friend who was the unit biologist for DFG back then. Found them on the flats or on the ridge tops depending on the year. Flats-good. Ridge tops-not so good. Like you said though it's all moisture dependent and seems almost like they lay dormant in the ground like seeds waiting for rain.
Fly fishing for big trout chasing Sacramento Perch minnows where McGee creek enters Crowley are some of my favorite memories. Sitting in Sheepherders hot spring drinking wine while the sun went down over the Sierra escarpment is another.
Oh God, just the mention of cottontails brings back a flood of memories. We hunted them east of the Black Rock Fish Hatchery (clue to Quail Hound, a couple of those bass ponds aren't far from there) and then on the other side of the highway around the alfalfa fields of the 8-Mile Ranch.

I specifically recall one summer day when I was about 12. My dad took me fishing way up Independence Creek in the morning, then I spent the blazing July (or maybe it was August) afternoon at the public swimming pool at the school. Then when 5:30 p.m. rolled around, we headed out to chase the rabbits.

I didn't think much of it -- that's just what we did growing up in the OV. But my dad picked that day to impress upon me how fortunate I was to have days like that, which most kids would never come close to experiencing. He said when I was much older, I'd always look back upon them fondly and wish I could relive them.

Damned if he wasn't right.