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Thread: 2014 season this far

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    Default 2014 season this far

    Well my season so far has been good this far! Don?t think it was the 150 % increase that the road surveys said but has been a decent increase over the last couple years. I?ve hunted birds 6 times over the past week . Here is an overview of how the hunts have went.

    Sat 25th 3 guys 1 youth hunter, 2 dogs. Hunting public in Tama co. hunted 3 hours. 3 birds in the bag. Total birds seen 25 to 30. Lots of corn around this area hope it will get better.

    Sun 26th 2 guys, 2 dogs. Hunted public in Iowa co. Hunted for 2 hours again 3 birds in the bag. Seen maybe 12 birds total. Standing corn on 3 side of this area.

    Tues 28th 7guys 4dogs, hunted public in western Iowa. Hunted last 2 hours of the day 8 birds in the bag lost 1 cripple. Total birds seen 20 to 25 Standing corn 2 sides.

    Weds 29th 10guys 6 dogs, hunted public western Iowa public. Hunted lots of standing corn food plots. Hunted most of the day 22 birds bagged lost 2 birds one in cat tails and another glided off into standing corn. Total birds seen 50 to 60 range.

    Thurs 30th 7 guys 4 dogs hunted Western Iowa public. Hunted most of the day. Few issues with today really just one. We pulled into the parking lot about 15 min before shooting and there was another truck with an older gentleman sitting in it. Not a big deal the area is 450 acres. Well he thought it was a big deal and came out of his truck yelling and beating his fist on one of trucks hoods. Stating we had no right to hunt at this area calling us all kinds of names. After about forth set of insults one of the members of the group politely told him shut it and go back to his truck until he could talk to people like an adult and if was past shooting time he guessed we would hunt the whole area. Well he became a little more civil and talked with about what plans would be for the morning. So we thought we had the plan set. He said he was going to walk the grass south and we could have the corn and grass west. Sounded good. Instead of walking south like he told he was going to looped south then cut right in front of us walking west and he walked through the corn and flushed around 25 birds out the end. Best part this was him shooting a rooster that he flushed out of the corn and landed in the tree. He didn?t take a shot on the ones that he flushed but he shoots the one out of the tree. Our day did get better. We continued to hunt and ended the day 11 birds in the bag. Again seen in the 50 bird range.

    Fri 31st 7 guys 4 dogs hunt private in Western Iowa . Hunted for 2 hours in the morning and ended with 9 birds in the bag seen another 20. This ground had standing corn on 2 sides.

    I think once the corn is all out the hunting will be good. Lets hope for a fair winter!
    Now time to deer hunt and then back to chasing birds!

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    Default You are doing fine!

    Hello BLabs,

    I would agree your season has been a success so far! Congrats!

    I also agree a few more birds will be available once the harvest completes. Now I only have to hope it is on land that I can gain permission to hunt!

    At this point of the season I would agree that the highest bird densities I have observed have been in northwest Iowa.


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