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Thread: 2014 opening day

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    Your dogs are getting plenty of action and it's still early. I'm not a fan of shooting game birds on the ground either, but I honestly haven't seen that much, and no one I would hunt with anyway.
    Good luck with your season!

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    Lots of heavy rain for couple days but got out on friday and managed 2 birds for my buddy who's had a stroke and a complete knee replacement but still goes out best he can, made it even better as my dog that he trained yrs ago to a senior ACK hunter with one leg towards her master hunter had the find and point not far from him on a easily walkable path and when he was ready I flushed the bird and he got it. There was an old smile from his face that I haven't seen in a while. On the other note its back to small young birds again. If I compared them to the bird I got on Tuesday these were one third the size of that big boy. At least they can fly. I usually do not hunt on Sat as the popular areas become war zones and there's no hunting on Sunday in Mass (unless on a licensed private preserve). Tomorrow morning we'll be hunting club birds that various clubs release on Sunday afternoon. These are big strong birds and can be tough to bring down with the 410.


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