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Thread: Tough Trip!

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    Default Tough Trip!

    Man, I've hunted the bombers for around 15 years or so, and this was the toughest go I've had in a good 10. All the old spots just plain didn't hold birds and I was skunked on the first few days altogether. I was concerned I did not see the amount of sign I'm used to as well. I was expecting the birds to be scattered and tough due to having more moisture- but while there was much greener landscape there was still squat for surface water. Has me a bit baffled.

    Finally I went higher for blues and promptly shot a limit of those and had numerous loud flashy flushes I couldn't connect on. Then a drive further towards a back country slough turned up a flock of sage grouse and I pulled a double. Banner day!

    Was able to get a few more blues and sage grouse from there, took a drive deeper into the Red Desert to see Boars Tusk and the Dunes and killed off many beers (not at the same time).

    On the last sagebrush draw before heading for home, Sally struck a hard point. As I was waiting for a flush she reached in and snapped on a jackrabbit and killed it herself. I think she might have known the hunt was about over and the tail chewing would be worth it as the speed demons had been taunting her for the whole week....dogs are funny.

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    Sound like you had a good time. Sage grouse hunting can be like that some days. You have to find them.


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